Investment Planning

Every person in its financial life is more than worried for catering its future needs. Whether it's an individual earning a fixed salary or an entrepreneur with a number of employees and shareholders, everyone is fixated for the right mix of investments so as to secure the future of all the dependents.

A proper Investment Planning may just be the way forward to achieve this goal.

In these tough times of the financial turmoil, everything, including the countries and their economies feel the heat. At times every asset class seems to be worthless and very risky. In these times every one tend to follow each other. And that's when the mistakes are made. Typically, every asset class tend to follow a cycle and a common investor most of the times chooses to enter at the peak of that cycle. Case in point is the equity market boom in 2007. Unfortunately, very few can guess the downturn in the cycle and exit. So mostly every other investor is stuck into it.

That's where the Investment analysis comes to the rescue. We adopt a scientific approach to the Investment needs of every individual and devise a strategy to fulfill the investment goal. We typically take following steps for this:

Priority Analysis

Investor is interviewed to define it's Investment Objectives and Goals. Accordingly, the investment classes are prioritized, instruments are chosen and allocated.

Investment Options

There may be more than one option in each asset class. The idea is to identify the most suitable one according to the investment goals and make the correct allocations to each of them.

Investment Analysis

Well, if the investment is already made and one is perhaps a little worried over its performance, it's never too late to rectify the things. A thorough analysis of the goals and priorities and actual performance of the investments allows to identify the slackness and effect the necessary changes.

Portfolio Construction

Every one dreams of having an ideal portfolio just like a dream home. We help to construct one for them following the results from the above steps.

Portfolio Management

One can not just remain satisfied with the construction of ideal portfolio, but one has to keep a strict vigilance over its performance to evaluate whether the ultimate purpose of the Investment goals is getting served or not. The ever dynamic micro and macro economic factors play an important role in this analysis. We analyze all these factors and manage your Portfolio accordingly.

Advice and Facilitation

Advices can be fruitful only if suitable avenues are available to effect them. One can manage to invest into best instruments through various sources. We are there to identify and even facilitate the investments and get them served for the lifetime from the best in the business.